Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Winnebago Pet Expo 2023

Saturday, May 20th • 10 am-4 pm • Sunnyview Expo Center • Oshkosh, WI
Tickets Available at the Door • $6 Adults / $3 Kids 12 and Younger

Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Set-up on Friday, the day before the event, is 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Set-up on the day of the event is 7:00 am – 9:00 am

Tear down is 4:00 – 6:00 pm *

This contract for space constitutes a contract between the Exhibitor and the Winnebago Pet Expo (WPE) hosted by Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks (FWCDP) and Winnebago County (WC) and in addition to its terms, shall include and incorporate the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations on this application.

This contract for space constitutes a contract between the Exhibitor and the Winnebago Pet Expo (WPE) hosted by Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks (FWCDP) and Winnebago County (WC) and in addition to its terms, shall include and incorporate the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations on this application.

  1. License and Term: The license given hereunder shall be solely for the use and occupation of the space allocated to the Exhibitor. This shall be for the period commencing at the move-in start time and ending at the conclusion of the move-out, including installation and the removal of exhibits.
  2. Insurance: Full insurance coverage during the entire duration of the show, including move-in and move-out, must be obtained by the Exhibitor. The exhibitor must be prepared to furnish a Certificate of Insurance to WPE/FWCDP upon request.  Additional Insured is: FWCDP/Winnebago Pet Expo
  3. Qualifications to Exhibit: WPE/FWCDP reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibits or parts of an exhibit that in its opinion, is not suitable to or in keeping with the character of the exhibition. Exhibitors must provide any safety guards, shields or precautions to prevent possible injury to spectators. Exhibitors must comply with State, County, Town or City Ordinances, which govern the operation of public events, and to refrain from consuming or dispensing beer, liquor or other intoxicating beverages in the facility. Selling food/beverages requires prior written approval. All Exhibitors must refrain from creating obnoxious odors or operating any machine to project sound at a level that might be objectionable and might interfere with the overall success and enjoyment of the show by those in attendance or neighboring Exhibitor.
  4. Location of Exhibit: WPE/FWCDP reserves the right to relocate an Exhibitor at any time as it shall deem necessary to the proper conduct of the Exhibition.
  5. Sublet of Space: Exhibitor shall not sublet, transfer, or apportion any part of its allotted space, shall not exhibit nor permit to be exhibited in its space merchandise NOT a part of its own regular products, and shall not exhibit any advertising material not directly pertaining to the products exhibited except as specifically approved by WPE/FWCDP.
  6. Non-Delivery of the Building:WPE/FWCDP will not be liable for failure to provide space in the event of the building becoming unavailable through fire, act of God, public enemy, strikes, the authority of the lay, or any other cause beyond its control.
  7. Damages:WPE/FWCDP shall not be liable for any theft or damages, loss or injury; whether direct, indirect, general, special, consequential or otherwise to the Exhibitor, its agents and employees or visitors to its exhibit whether occasioned by WPE/FWCDP, its officers, agents or employees, or by another Exhibitor. Security is not maintained after close of show.
  8. Cancellation by WPE/FWCDP:In the case the show shall not be held for any reasons whatsoever, then and thereupon the license of the space to the Exhibitor shall be terminated. In such case, the limit of the claim for damage and/or compensation by the Exhibitor shall be returned to the Exhibitor for the amount received by WPE/FWCDP from the Exhibitor for license of the space.
  9. Exhibit Space Rental Includes a Standard drape booth (10′ x 10′), one skirted table (8′) and two chairs. All other requirements and furnishings, including electrical, will be the responsibility of Exhibitor.
  10. Payment of Sales: Exhibitors are responsible for calculation and payment of all taxes applicable to any and all sales. WPE/FWCDP will not assume responsibility for taxes or their payment.
  11. Booth Display:Exhibitors responsible for assembling and dismantling its booth. Exhibitor agrees to have booth set up one hour prior to show start and will not dismantle booth or remove goods until conclusion of the show (5:00 pm). *Exhibitor also agrees to remove its display and equipment by the conclusion of move-out hours (7:00 pm). Exhibitor is liable for any damage to booth materials, walls, floor and any other part of the building. Non-compliance is subject to exclusion from future shows.
  12. Animals at Event:Exhibitor is responsible for the clean-up and actions of animals. The exhibitor must provide WPE/FWCDP proof of current vaccinations. The WPE/FWCDP will not allow live animals to be adopted or sold on-site at the Expo by any organization or individual and will ask any person doing so to leave.

* Tear Down before 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 20, 2023, may result in the Exhibitor not being invited back for future events.